Life Awareness Team

Every follower and team member

Has an important role for Life Awareness Blog !

Life Awareness is formed by THREE members currently :

Life (Admin)

I am not young nor old. I am a girl…

I have been through ups and downs, highs and lows that made me a stronger and wiser person.

It is my pleasure and duty to bring and write new content to you. Me and Wordskeeper available to reply to any incoming e-mail as a team.


Wordskeeper (Admin/Author)

According to his words :

«I am a male. Not too young, not too old and I’m Portuguese».

A handsome young man, in my own words. Inside and out.

Love him more than anything.

He is responsible for writing for us whenever he wishes to.


Jam (Content Reviewer)

A great person and my best friend from accross the sea!

He fluently speaks and writes English.

He is responsible for reviewing our posts

and content to make sure it has zero mistakes.

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