Life´s Advice – Declutter

Good afternoon everyone ;

As I had posts planned for this month already I left this one for later on
However , today (5/5) I have made a decision
(Not that I am very deorganized, but usually my papers are a mess in my room)

And, since I am going to start having tests and I am also going to start working
Might as well start having everything organized and in order.
It is somewhat related to the post «Less is More».

[…] To be honest I had started some weeks ago this
On and off , I mean.
I study, then arrive by the end of the afternoon home 
and usually write and rest or stay with the family, by now.

After writing out all the useful contacts on my email account
(Health, Courses, Services, Professional and Personal Contacts)
I started to get rid of the papers.

My main motivation is the thought of being able to find everything
Quickly and efectivelly.
Along with this first motivation there is another one :
A bit connected to the first one :

If I am able to find things easily, 
I can save more time for myself and others
And I definately wish to simplify my life on this matter.

I have my course’s lessons in an USB Key
Yet I also have papers, exercises and worksheets from it
I decided that the one’s that I am no longer having class
That have ended, I am going to write out in documents and save them.

I also spared some time to clean the dust in my room
(Well…some neighbours are with their house under repair/maintenance
So dust is very frequent on this building) and get rid of more papers.

It will take time for everything to be completely finished
I still have to organize financial and school papers and other random stuff
But I am confident that sooner or later I will have everything done.
Bottom line is : It will pay off.

World – Universal Peace

Greetings, my readers and friends

A little different from usual, but for this day
I decided to shout out to causes, 
One in particular…

Universal Peace !

There is a movement called Universal Peace Flag.

and for communities, cities and countries to become aware
of what we have in common  :

The WISH to be whole

For LOVE, KINDNESS and HELP to be part


We can achieve great goals and aim for our dreams
We must keep in mind that we are part of something huge
And , more than anyone, we can make a diference.

We can stand for a cause and help.

We can volunteer, share, donate, anything to help out.

Will you make part?

I am currently representing my country 
As an Ambassador for Peace.
I am honored to make part of this movement and team!

Visit us at 

To learn and know more about this cause.

It is possible to contribute, shop or become an Ambassador for your Country.

You can also follow us on…

Blessings !

Life´s Advice – Less is More

Good morning !

Besides these recent quotes/statements…

«Giving up is NOT AN OPTION.» 

«Prepared for the worse,

But always hoping and fighting for the best.»

That I decided to transform into personal statements for my own life
I would to speak about another one :

  «Less is more.» 

It is … to one live with what he/she has got.

To not be greedy or carry jealousy towards another and their possessions.

This can be apliable to almost ANY area of our lives.
Self, Relationships, possessions/belongings….

We can start with belongings.
We tend to spend much money in the latest technologies, brands, jewelry…
As someone once said…and we need to ask ourselves (and others) this:

Do we need that much?
Do you need that much?

What can make us happy, afterall? 
So for today I saved this post for Less is more 
and some POV’s are to be expected.

a) Cleaning  
We can start off by separating different types of files.
By month (MM/) or year (YYYY/)
Then, by day (DD/).
You store them in a folder or recycle them,
In case they are no longer needed.

b) Saving 
You can save some files (by using an external disk or USB key) on the computer.
It is also a pratical solution
Since you can easily carry both around in a backpack or suitcase;

c) Choosing
Choose the main files and separate them by categories

Examples : 
Personal, Finances, Work, 
School/Course, Health, 
Extra, Other.

d) Old and New
See if your items are still usable and up to date.
Check if your clothes are still wearable or wore off.
See if you are still going to use them or not.
In case you don’t and if they are in good conditions,
You can give them away to charity or to someone who needs it
So they can give a new use to it.
And you can save room for new, useful items, to take place.

e) Make up 
You can label your make up with the date you opened it
So you know when you started to use and know when it expires.

(Actually this was originally Vanessa’s idea.
Visit her at :
She has great posts and reviews)

f) Wearing Make up…

Less is more is meant for this case, too:
A bit of lipgloss, a natural, soft liquid foundation 
clear mascara and concealer (optional) are enough for a natural look.
The skin colour must be even.
Also, the concealer ought to be slightly lighter 
In case you wish to conceal dark circles.

” I am a simple girl
I usually wear make up to enhance qualities 
and to camuflage small flaws and (mostly) traces of tireness”
” Finally, it is important to find happiness in simples things and inside of us
It starts there. We have to find it.
And let it blossom.
Then we can trully show our essence
Give out the best in us, for us and others
And fully live life “.


Life´s Advice – Inner Strength

The only thing I know is this:

I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet.

— Nikos Kazantzakis

Dear readers,

How are you doing?

I want you to know…

You are stronger than you can ever imagine.
We often figure that out, 
When we do not have any other option than being strong.
I believe in all of you that 
Come across this page and read each word that I post
Or even if it is the first time you are reading me…
Know that I believe in you.

I look forward to hearing from you…
And am glad to be making this journey with you…
Despite of any wounds that you have, on your skin, flesh, soul…
Let time heal, let God heal, allow yourself to heal.

Give time, allow your thoughts to settle in
Think about the one or ones you love.
Think about your relatives
Or even your mother or father, the ones 

Who made your birth, your existence possible.

Reflect about One that makes you whole, 
Whole as a woman/man or as a human being.
You are loved , and you can make it through.
I believe in you!

Life´s Advice – Uplifting Songs

Good afternoon, everyone!

Today’s post will be slightly diferent from usual…
I have saved a selection of songs and stuff that I personally find uplifting :
(Not in any particular order, links are in the numbers
I may have posted some in Life Blog’s Facebook page, as well)

Sleepsong by Secret Garden – 1#

You raise me up by Westlife – 2#

A Hundred Thousand Angels by Bliss – 3#

This Love by Bliss – 4#

Glass House by RED – 5#
Miracle by Blackmill – 6#

Spirit of Life by Blackmill – 7#
You got to go by Above and Beyond (Owsey Remix)- 8#

Other interesting content…

They bring Peace, Harmony and Strength to me.
I hope you like them and that those help you
As much as they have helped me!
Many, many blessings…!

Life´s Advice – Gratitude

A blessed weekend to everyone out there!
Being Grateful.
I chose this topic
As it is a subject very related to me

And , personally,
I believe we may go through this
At a certain in our lives,

We either learn or not to be grateful 
We either choose or not to practice 
Gratitude In OUR lives. 

Practicing gratitude in… 
Each and everytime you breathe a gasp of air… 

Each time you wake up in the morning, 

Each time you are alive, 

Each time you have health (even if it is a little bit) 

To carry through the day, 

Each time you have food on the table, 

Each time you have a place to sleep, 

Each time you have someone to love, 

(Whether is a family member, your better half or good friends) 

So… Practice Gratitude, as many times as you can,
Every day and even when you feel upset or sad.
It is not about what you wish to have or about what you want to have and don’t have

It is about what you already have 
Even the slightest, most simple things 
Blessed be*

Life´s Advice – Inner Weights and Trauma

Good morning!
Woke up rather early, here.
My chosen topic for today is about weight.

As in, emotional weight caused by trauma,
 Significant events and/or fear.

The advice I leave to follow from this day on is to Change and Let Go.
By personal experience, I was stuck in this certain time of my life
Seventeen and eighteen years old, to be exact.

I didn’t know what I exactly holding onto, to be honest.
Was it the trauma? pain? addiction? bitterness?
lack of forgiveness? nostalgy? sorrow?

1. The first step is to recognize that a problem exists. 
If you feel that you are heavy hearted by any reason above;
It is time to act and react towards what is leaving you
in that state of either apathy or deep pain.

The weight is there… 
– When it holds you back from being yourself. 

– When it stops you from doing what you used to, 

– Taking along with one or many things that you used to enjoy 

– Whenever you procrastinate.  

– Whenever you let go either by disbelief, 

– Either by guilt…sorrow…sadness… 

What could have happened, 
What could have been, 
What would have been, What could be done. 

It may seem little, but all together carry serious consequences.
By letting go all of that,
You shall feel less heavy on that matter.

And fear? It only is a monster if you allow it to become so.
And it becomes a monster when you you give importance to it
Whenever you drink it, like a poison Whenever you carry it, as heavy luggage.
So please, let go… I shall be here to assist you.