Job – Working and Studying

Good morning , readers !

How are you today?

I hope you are okay and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.
A little special something for you:
I decided to share the experience of working and studying at the same time
And some situations that happened to me, too.

Let’s start off with the Point of View, shall we?

POV : 
I have started working in a firm almost two weeks ago, by now.
The first days were quite a challenge, to adapt myself to the rythm ;
Besides this, I was not able to rest at home as I used to, atfter the course.

Working after the course was uniquely my decision
Connected with the wish to be more independent.
And I attained it.

” I sincerely believe that if we wish and fight hard on something,
It will most likely turn to your favor
It can either end well or turn into a valuable lesson to remember”.

The downside was that I started to feel more tired day by day
Until I really got used to it. Sometimes a smile and a cup of coffee do wonders!
(I am going to search for something to replace the cafeine, really! xd)

[…] Anyways, I know it is not the best on the «jobworld» and out there
But I am proud to say that I do love my job, with its ups and downs,
Pros and cons. It is humble, requires effort and it is a challenge, every day.

I always say to myself that I am doing my best,
And to smile regardless of feeling so, so tired.
I usually notice that when I do so, it all tend to get better
For those five hours. I was able to make friends at work, too.

Situation One :
I do opinion surveys on the telephone.
There was this lady who told me a loved one was in hospital
Also, that she was depressed. She answered the survey and by the time
And afterwards, I told her (in my language) :

« I believe, at heart, that everything will be alright
I had depression in 2007, diagnosed two years later
And now I am being treated and feeling better
Know that there is Hope and a Cure.
I know and believe that you will be alright
And that we are not able to appreciate happiness without knowing sadness
It makes part , and we can learn to live with both ».

(…) She agreed. I gave her some confort
and told her it was going to be alright and to have faith.
She thanked me. Then I had to go and end the phone call.
But I felt that she was feeling better, calm.
It was very rewarding, for me to notice so.

Situation Two :
I am aware that this maybe is not the most correct thing to be done
But it has a reason, and one reason alone, with no more intentions :
To thank people for answering the survey and let them know that they were kind.
I usually do not expect or spend time expecting for the answer.
I do my part of letting people know that they made the difference on answering the survey
By email. I only send one email and that is it.

So , unexpectfully, 
I got an answer from someone who answered to the survey two days ago.

“It was nice to be inquired by you.
I wish you the best success in your professional life and of student, 
always with the kind and professional attitude that I am sure that you have. 
Everytime you need say so.

Best regards.”

Then I think :
I mean, how can I not love my job???
Yes, I am aware that people are not always loving and kind,
There are rude answers too, but I learned to cope and laugh it off.
It is not like it is personal!

And these few situations make me appreciate the job that I have
And how lucky I am for actually having a job.
I feel it fulfills me and my dream of helping people.
Remember : One step at a time to make the difference.


World – Spent Game

Good afternoon , dearest readers.

During common holidays, I took some time to read and see many interesting articles

And also, think about my own experiences a bit now and then.

I saw this game called “Spent”,

Which reflects the reality of (maybe) several families in America.

The chalenge for today is getting through the month.

It is meant to create awareness regarding Poverty and Unemployement.

Can you do it?

Job – What to do on the First day

I have some experience on the matter
So I will do my best on writting to you about it :

A) What to wear :
Avoid anything that is too tight to your body
OR that looks sloppy. Tracking suits are a no.
If you are a girl, don’t use a miny skirts
or clothes that are too revealing.
If you are to wear a skirt, wear one that goes around
or below the knee area.
You can also wear a blazer to match the skirt.

If you are a boy, you can wear a suit
Avoid sloppy clothes as well
Shave the beard or trim it.

B) Organize :
Take documents that you need
Such as your resume and certificates.
You can take a folder, briefcase
or portfolio with all that you need.

C) Time :
Make sure you either arrive earlier
Or right on time. It is a plus.
If not, the impression will be maybe a bit damaged.

D) Colleagues :
Knowing your co-workers takes time
maybe quite some time.
You are not forced to get along with all your colleagues

Job – My very first day at work

Good morning, everyone! I hope you are going great;
For today I have decided to share with you a rather old
And funny experience at the very beginning.

Sometimes the VERY first day isn’t easy
Specially when someone gets nervous OR has quite some expectations;
Like me, for an example.

Eventually (and with time) I have learned to
Relax more and not to get overwhelmed
With all the stress.

No drama needed :
If you make through it, GREAT !
If not, off we go to find better chances
AND opportunities are out there for you*
I know it!!

My very first day was a MESS.
First of all, I have met the boss
and I was to work as a recepcionist at a rent a car stand.

Official day at work – Day one
I got dressed and put a pair of boots with a heel.
My self confidence was up and I was ready to go to work.
I arrived to the stand (which was sort of a garage)
And there was a ramp…so I had to walk all the way down to the reception.
My boss was staring at me and waiting.

I started to go through the ramp
BUT I wasn’t expecting for the ramp to be slippery
And I FELL…fell a bit more…and ended right in front of him.
My leg was twisted and landed on my bottom.

My boss asked if I was alright:
I got up instantly, smiled and said “I’m fine”
A clumsy start, indeed… but I stayed!

Job – How to create a survey

I am going to give you some tips that I learned
While I was in schoool on how to create a survey ;
I eventually , and also, learned more
While working as someone who does opinion surveys
To people on the phone.

A) It is preferable to start off with questions
that bring interest to the other person and
that do not scare or intimidate him/her
on the other side of the line.

B) Avoid personal questions
or tematics that offer more resistance of answer
Such as polithics, money or sexuality.

C) Place each question in the same subject
To avoid confusion and wastes of time.

D) Variety in the way you create/say/start
Each question is needed.

Types of Questions

– Closed
(Yes OR No)

– Open
(Why? – They often require an opinion
or a more developted answer)

– Semi-Open
(Contain Yes AND Why)


E) Introducing two questions in one;

F) Asking “Why” very oftenly ;

G) Formulating questions in the negative form.

Job – Warning Signs

The sun shines over here and it isn’t late so…
Good morning everyone 🙂

In this post I am going to speak about a very important subject
Because I do not want anyone to fall into any trap
Like I once did. Why?
Because I don’t want you to go through it. ❤

There are several signs that CAN help you a LOT
They appear simple but regardless of that I want you to know.
I know I have said some on another post about interviews and steps.

1) Beware while posting free ads on the Internet
Select only the most important information
AND be as clear as possible
about the job that you are searching for. 

2) Be careful about the information you give out.


A) Try to know more about the company, for instance,
If it is reliable by asking about it to someone
or checking about it online.

B) As I said on the other post , check the email of the person
Who sends you the job offer on Google OR other search engine
That can save you and spare you from the lies or problems.

C) Or even the name of the employer if you are suspecting even more.
That can make you see the activity on the Internet.

D) Check the way the employer wrote to you.
Too many typos, it is a warning!

E) Adress…
The person who calls you for an interview
MUST know where you have to go for the interview
Without hesitations NOR mistakes.

F) Being Polite.
If you are to have any collegues, check the way they are treated on that day.
And if they aren’t, please reconsider for a while.

A) A unknown company is a bit dangerous at times
And…by checking online you can see feedbacks whether they are positive
Or negative such as frauds for example.

B) By checking you can see the usual offers from that person
There can be lies, you will never know.
For example one person has sent me an offer for a Secretary
And when I searched there was something for an Acompany Lady.
So when you confirm your suspicions DO NOT answer.       

C) I tell you about this because the person can be one that only wants to meet girls/boys, ect
And not one to actually offer you the job he/she “promissed”.

D) A Employer can write well and has had some years in School, College or University
It is a Basic on Education. Please suspect if such happens.

E) It has no excuse.

F) This point helps you to reflect if the offer or company is the best for you.

Have a nice day ❤ !

Job – Respect


I must say my “Current Job” post has some time already
So I am going to talk about my current job…
I basically call people and ask them to do surveys
Opinion surveys. It is like a Callcenter.

And we do such and maybe interviews personally too
But now I’m only doing on the phone
The payment isn’t much either but it is something at least

We have several projects to go do surveys
and contact people from diferent parts of the country
for them to answer.

Basically it isn’t sales BUT people think they are…
Another thing that occurs is that most people do NOT respect
Others that are working!

So my question would be :
Do I look like I like working every weekend
And even having to work today (Monday)
Which is an Holiday over here??

Well, NO. But it is my job…
But mostly what bothers me is that people laugh at me
OR make stupid excuses like
“No one is at home, you’re talking with the cleaning lady”
“No one is at home (but someone answered the phone?)

OR say something such as…
Q : When would be the proper time to contact again?
A : I don’t know, just keep trying! (Right…)

OR :
Q : Could I count with your colaboration in this study?
A : NO! (laughs)

OR :
(I finished talking)
Q (other person there) : Who is that?
A (from the person on the phone) : Just some girl. And hung up.

Some just hung up the phone without giving me the chance to talk
Or just hung up while I’m talking.

…I’m not forcing people to answer
But at least I would like some colaboration from them.
I was 4 hours with ONE survey done….
And that survey was incomplete in the middle.
I had to fill out the rest.

Now you shall know how frustrating that is a bit.
Then to brighten up my day there are like one or two persons on the phone
(No more than one or two) who talk a lot, that are really polite
Who answer the survey gladly. And for those I do like my work!

Why did I make this post?
As a “wake up” message. We all have to work for a living.
Whether is sales, surveys, do cleaning or being a waitress , ect…
Please respect the ones who work because they have to, to earn money
I guess it is pretty much it and I was venting too.

Note : Despite of any hatred or bad answer
Love your job as the only one you have
and as you are a lucky person to even have one.

At last but definately not least…
I shall leave this quote for you ❤

Nobody can hurt me
without my permission.

Mahatma Gandhi

Blessed be!