Suicide – Second Chance

Good afternoon everyone,

Warning ! : This particular post may be triggering,
Eventhough that is not my intention, at all.

[…] Sleepiness. A strong effort from the heart— followed by fast and slow heart beatings,
I felt drowsy and I went to sleep right away.

I took an impulsive action, sure to say that it was the worst to take in my life
and I was clearly not acting consciously and with clear thoughts…

I must highlight that.

[…] I woke up, but I was still feeling sleepy,
Coming slowly to conciouness  

It is a true story.
It carries no glamour or whatsoever.

[…] Only after some hours I felt better.
But this history…is a real story and my fate could have been different.
Life gave me a second chance, BUT I could have died!

Then I think :
My family. My friends.
People who stood up for me and love me the way I am.
They aren’t perfect but neither am I.

What I really want to tell you
and wish for you to take as a lesson is this :

” Never take your Life for granted, 
Nor take it too lightly because it can slip away “. 

” Do not hurt yourself. 
You have value and I am sure that you are treasured! “.

How do I know this?
I just know it, at heart.
Negative situations will pass. Taking your life won’t, it is permanent.

It would be a wound for all your loved ones, a permanent one because you are not replacable, ever.

Take this plead to heart.
Listen to it, throughly
And pass it to others,
In hope of letting people know of this harsh truth.

We need to save them.
And I want to save YOU.

Suicide – A Letter for the Speechless and Hopeless

Dear _________ ,

You certainly have and will have a lot to live for.
Do not back down nor give up in dificulties that appear
They are mere temporary things.
Never ever give up fighting in this life.
We all are warriors one way or another
We all struggle to survive and aim for something
If you do not know, YOU WILL.

Everything has its proper time to happen.
Here and between worlds.

A Verdade comanda a Vida (Truth commands Life)
The Truth is that you will make it through and you will live to tell
Even your worst moments and dificulties and how that made you
A stronger and wiser, developted person.

You will be rewarded – you see
Better than knowing others, know yourself
To afterwards meet other people.
Open your arms to your life.

Do not ever see loneliness as an end or obstacle
But as a chance to grow and developt your inner self
A start for something new, a chance for a change
A chance to find someone who can treat you better
Or treats you right as you deserve.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,
Deserve your love and affection.

— Inspiring Lotus

Who may/must like and love you?
Ones who do like you and love you
By seeing you in your own and true colours

Ones who trully do, will put aside your flaws.
Believe in yourself. I know you can do it, I know you can do this!
Never kiss your life goodbye
And leave behind any idea for giving up in any way.

Suicide – Closer look at…

Good morning dear reader.
After some time I decided to finally pick up
And write this post out…
As someone who did in the most desperate times of her life
To end her life, I shall talk about this…

It has nothing of glamorous.
It is a secret thought, a obcession, even.
I saw myself falling apart.
I studied a lot eventually, on the good and bad
I checked multiple books and so…
The afterwards, the reactions,
The possibility of either death/recovery/side effects ect.

They are ALL horrible, bloody, gory…
As you may want to call it…
It can all go terribly wrong and you know it.
Whether is as attempting OR as being unexpectfully rescued
OR found! The shock, the trauma that can happen most likely
To the loved ones…the condition you could be find in…
It CAN be worse than what you think or CAN EVER EXPECT.

Some say it’s selfish…others as a “BAD way out”.
And don’t think you aren’t loved.

And once you are dead, that’s it……
– What about God? You’re His child.
– What about your family?
– What about your friends?
– What about your pet[s]?
– What about the things you enjoyed…?

Think carefully and don’t go.
Don’t go for that choice.
Don’t go for those destructive thoughts.

Love. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Write. Draw. LIVE.
Much light and prayers ,

Double Standards.

In my opinion there has always been double standards
By that I mean some diferences between men and women.
Men used to go straight to the army
before while their wives would stay.
Now woman can go and men can go when they are adults
And by their option.

They can both work, they can both vote
And have almost freedom of speech / opinion.
There are, nowadays few diferences between the two
Bottomline : What matters is that those diferences
Don’t make people go into conflicts
So, let’s make those less and help out eachother more
That’s all.

High Standards?

Correct me if I’m wrong ;
But I think that some people
Are too demanding on looks.

For example let’s take *me* :
The opinion some people, mostly amongst boys is that
I look pretty, cute, beautiful ect.

Without glasses on while
WITH glasses few were dissapointed with who they saw.
Is it any diferent?

My personality does not change
Wether I’m with or without glasses 🙂

That is fact number one.
Which true, few people notice is what I carry inside
Such as traces of personality
(Respecting, caring…)

My point of view is…
Girls do NOT need to wear tons of makeup
Extensions, fake eyelashes, lots of jewelry,…
Or to cake their face with makeup …to feel beautiful
Or even tanning
(which “overdozed” not only looks “fake” but orangy too

And if you do want to get tanned
Choose a healthy way for it, protect yourself
Because the sun is more and more dangerous
With all the damage at the ozone/atmosphere.

You don’t need to go straight to a diet
If someone calls you fat.

Yet and however you think you have a little more weight,
Go to a doctor (nutricionist)
And both of you can find a secure, healthy way/plan
To have a nice AND stable weight.

Fact : Some or most of the girls that go into diet
Are in their normal/acceptable weight
According to their height too.

And boys do not need to work out too much
Or having great muscles/abs . Or even flirt/impress girls.
At least to me that is not atractive.
Chilvary (typo?) is needed. It is not dead yet.
At least I hope in so.

It can be all like a mirror :
People are 50% (or more) likely to treat YOU well
If you treat them well.

Last, but definately not least :
Embrace your body and boost on your qualities
It will make a diference.
And that new light WILL be seen and noticed.
God bless.

Suicide – Warning Signs

With searching and knowing too,
– Giving away possessions

– Mentioning death or suicide in any way
(speaking, writing)

– Having destructive behaviors
(for example self harm, bullying others)

– Preparing a will or suicide letter

– Sudden change in behavior

Note : Mental/Health disorders can lead more to suicide
Than people with normal condition….