Suicide – Second Chance

Good afternoon everyone,

Warning ! : This particular post may be triggering,
Eventhough that is not my intention, at all.

[…] Sleepiness. A strong effort from the heart— followed by fast and slow heart beatings,
I felt drowsy and I went to sleep right away.

I took an impulsive action, sure to say that it was the worst to take in my life
and I was clearly not acting consciously and with clear thoughts…

I must highlight that.

[…] I woke up, but I was still feeling sleepy,
Coming slowly to conciouness  

It is a true story.
It carries no glamour or whatsoever.

[…] Only after some hours I felt better.
But this history…is a real story and my fate could have been different.
Life gave me a second chance, BUT I could have died!

Then I think :
My family. My friends.
People who stood up for me and love me the way I am.
They aren’t perfect but neither am I.

What I really want to tell you
and wish for you to take as a lesson is this :

” Never take your Life for granted, 
Nor take it too lightly because it can slip away “. 

” Do not hurt yourself. 
You have value and I am sure that you are treasured! “.

How do I know this?
I just know it, at heart.
Negative situations will pass. Taking your life won’t, it is permanent.

It would be a wound for all your loved ones, a permanent one because you are not replacable, ever.

Take this plead to heart.
Listen to it, throughly
And pass it to others,
In hope of letting people know of this harsh truth.

We need to save them.
And I want to save YOU.


Self Injury – Being Clean

Good afternoon.
How are you??
I have been clean for quite some time.
Months, I have been cut free.
With success, I am free

Over 8 months, maybe, just to have a glimpse of time.
I hope you are okay and that if it is your case,
That you find your pathway to recovery.

I shall be here and help you if you need so , too.

My testimony is out there… 
Read it if it can be of help.
Self Injury can be a result of Depression condition,
Or even,
A condition itself which camuflages other problems happening
with the person who is suffering :

For example,

As a result of family issues, bullying, relationship problems, eating disorders.
It can be linked or hand to hand to any of those,
As a way of copying or even, punishing oneself.
It is estimated that many have hurt themselves

Thousands, maybe millions of people, in certain points
Of their lifes.

Where to find help? 
Info and Support 
Sugestions are welcome,

You can contact us anytime as well at Contact us. 

What is SI / SH ? Self Injury and Self Harm
The document on awareness : SI Awareness

Advice : Butterfly Project , SI 
Let that butterfly live ๐Ÿ™‚

Self Injury – Tanning

Hello everyone!

Life is starting to get what most people call a tan
It is great, specially if you have some marks
Like stretch marks or scars caused by self injury or any accident
Nature CAN help you cover some of your scars
Any others, check the post Self Injury – Cover scars?.

Anyways and as a sidenote I do not intend in any ways
For these post to be a help or an incitation on self injuring
I never do that and that is never the point of this Blog.
BUT as a way for recovered cutters to know how to conceil their marks
For important events or when they want to get a job…
…Such as myself.

More… as I said, Sun and even the water can help you.
Water cleasens and cleans you. Take it as refresh,
As a time to reconsider about your life and balance.

Imagine your burdens to go along with the tides and waves.

And by Tanning I mean no artificial tanning
Such as when your skin gets a brown to dark brown or orangy tone.

Search for creams that gradually bronze your skin
I have one (and I do not mean to advertise now!)
Called NUTRIBRONZE by LยดORร‰AL which can be an example
Plus, that one exists for both face and body.

Note : While using creams always distribute around your skin
And never in only one spot because what can happen
Is that one spot gets darker than the rest.

Final advice : Walk with confidence
Forget your issues or self injury in the past
Everyday is a brand new day
For a brand new start.

Great vacations to you !

Self Injury – Embracing your body

As I mentioned previously, people found out.
I was the “not shy but quiet type of girl”
They did not immediately realized the situation, the marks
And how serious it could BE or could HAVE BEEN back then.

I would spend most of the schoolbreaks in top of the staircase
Writing. Just writing my heart and soul out
About anything and everything.

Before, I used to bother covering up the cuts or covering up the scars
Because I would feel ashamed OR it would bother myself
By thinking of how the others would think when they see the marks.

If anyone asks I most definately tell the truth.
I have nothing to hide anymore!

I am going to leave you this quote…

If fear is cultivated it will become stronger,
If faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery.

— John Paul Jones

Why this quote?
Shall we put it this way :

+ If you cultivate Faith in the thought that you WILL no longer self harm
You will achieve it from time to time,
As Faith hands to hands with Will
It eventually will set you free from Self Injury.
You are Master of your Destiny
And not otherwise. If you do not believe it,
Try it and tell me how it went.

– Yet, if you cultivate Fear in the thought and goal of stopping SH
It will become stronger and drain your will, corrupt your faith
And mostly interrupt your Recovery.

It is a matter of thinking and controlling your thoughts
To righteous directions.

Embracing the body :
After this, embracing your body will come along
In a graduate way.

Be aware that the marks you have some will fade with time
And deeper cuts will still be there
Think of them now like scars from a battle…
A battle against yourself and your thoughts.
Let me say : It is over now .

Show yourself to the world.
It is the hardest step to a self injurer
But utter sign of recovery.
I done it and no longer have shame of wearing
Tank tops or t-shirts.

From now on your mission would
And will be showing to other former self harmers
What you found and what you overcame.

Peace be with you.

Self Injury – Awareness

Some times words can be VERY effective
I watched both myself
And they contain no trigering images.

This one is a message for whoever needs it.
I personally liked it, I am not sure if I posted before
But there you go ! ๐Ÿ™‚

This one I couldn’t put the video
So, I’ll leave link to the video…
There just click : Self Harm Awareness

Before any judgement is made,
We have to learn to separate things
And actually KNOWING them.

Self Injury – Cover Scars?

I’ld like to give my opinion on the matter.
Although I will work further
On the Social and Society section/page
Because I do like to give my opinion[s] on subjects
And I kinda enjoy being updated on stuff.

This one…
As I previously said *or not*
Since 2008 and late 2009
And parts of 2010…
I was a self injurer (or as most call, a cutter)
Although there are other ways of s.h.

According to this…
That happened I tried to cover the cuts up

By wearing these :
p.s.: Most images are online
All the rights belong to their owners.

– …Multiple

Then with few of these too…

– Never had or wore these…
(Animal or mostly known as silly bands)
Although I know several teens use them nowadays
And were or are a “trend”
They were never attractive to me or anything.

This one is interesting…
It’s made with pins and beads.
Then something to put them together

There is this video on a red bracelet
Made of those for self harm awareness.
When I have the time AND when I find the video
I shall post it here. Along with a tutorial
If I find it as well.

Note : It belongs to its rightful owners
NOT me. I am only sharing.

– Rarely these two…
(Which are both rubber bracellets)

And I wore this one…

– Wristband.
They cover the wrist only as the name says.
*I will post the image when I get home*

– Pandora Bracelets.
I absolutely am fascinated by these
They are soo pretty
But I do not know if they are expensive
OR not.

Note :
As an alternative…
…You can make your own jewelry.
Good luck ! ๐Ÿ˜€

As for more on covering up…

– Armwarmers
Some go for this option
Whether for fashion/own style,
Casually or for covering up their cuts or scars
Some can be purchased at stores
Others make them out of socks *true*
If they do have the skill for it.

(It varies according to your country)
But most likely you can purchase it
At stores like claires, hot topic,…
Depending on the style.

Alternative style?
Most likely on online, local stores
Hot Topic and Claires.

Others styles?
Try out known stores…
For example Forever 21, Accesorize,
Pimkie, Biju Briggite, Zara, BSK…
OR even online.

– Gloves
There are a lot of gloves around!
Which can be…

– Gloves w/ fingers
These are pretty casual.
And they can cover for short periods of time
The hands and just a bit of the wrist.

– Fingerless gloves

– Lace Gloves

p.s. I loved this one! OMG ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

– Fishnet gloves

– Knitted gloves / armwarmers
You can either buy them already
OR make them yourself.
Depending on your patience, skills and/or money.

– Others…

Make up?
I NEVER personally done this but on some videos
Some people cover their scars
By using foundations or concealers
Around the already scar

To hide/cover it up
I don’t think that has a very effective result
Plus it is make up anyways…

Sleeves / Legs ?
You can consider wearing sleeves around the winter/autumn time
Well BEFORE summer and the heat actually starts
Otherwise not only people might find it odd
But you might have some hard times
So it is adviced to wear armwarmers
And such as I pointed out above.

As for the legs it is a troubled story
In case you’re a boy in the meantime you can consider
Wearing jeans and few times shorts;

But if you are a girl…
You can either use jeans
Or choose between :

Collants OR leggings…
They are good options too.
As for the leggings there are some that kinda
Imitate jeans and aren’t THAT warm
So they are wearable.

At the pool OR beach
You can try for a while to wear a *pareo.

Suicide – Warning Signs

With searching and knowing too,
– Giving away possessions

– Mentioning death or suicide in any way
(speaking, writing)

– Having destructive behaviors
(for example self harm, bullying others)

– Preparing a will or suicide letter

– Sudden change in behavior

Note : Mental/Health disorders can lead more to suicide
Than people with normal condition….