Life Asks – Yves Rocher Tests?

Good afternoon,

From our series…
An email was sent to a Cosmetic Company called Yves Rocher.
I was curious to know if this brand in particular tests its products in animals…
North America Yves Rocher was the one I wrote carefully to.

I received a first email to let me know that the email was successfully sent… :


We have successfully received your e-mail. We are currently processing your request. You will be receiving a detailed e-mail shortly from our product expert.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department at our toll-free number: 1-800-321-3434 or by email at Our representatives are available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 11:30pm and Saturday from 8am to 8pm (Eastern standard time).

We thank you for your interest in Yves Rocher products.

Best Regards,

Lorna Lorenzi
Customer Service 
Yves Rocher North America

Beauty Shop On line:

In an effort to offer you the most current shopping opportunities, we may contact you by email with news about Yves Rocher products, service, and events. You will only receive these emails if you have subscribed to receive them or if you have placed an order from our website. If you do not wish to receive these E-mails, please contact us at or simply unsubscribe through the links included in any E-mails received by you from Yves Rocher.

Aproximately one day later in my Inbox:

Dear Sir/Madam,
We were very interested in your question concerning our position on using animals in testing beauty products and thank you for your enquiry. We hope we can enlighten and reassure you on this matter.
The Yves Rocher Brand entered the fight against using animals in testing beauty products at a very early stage.  The Brand suggested as early on as 1989 to replace the tests on animals for finished products with alternative methods. Yves Rocher encouraged other important players in the economy to follow suit. In 1992, the S.P.A. (Society for the protection of animals) awarded us the gold medal for our action towards animals. Our commitments enable us to work with One Voice which is the reference in France for the fight against animal suffering along with the protection of the environment. The One voice Label which recognizes products not tested on animals has been awarded to all our organically certified products. You can find the complete list of our labeled products on the One Voice site which is in the process of labeling the totality of our references:
In line with our commitment we openly admit that:
–              We never use or encourage animal testing whether it concerns our finished products or their ingredients.
–              We encourage research programs on alternative methods to testing on animals in order to promote and encourage their widespread use.  Our research for example, is concentrated on new methods for measuring allergies in vitro for natural ingredients.
–              Our Internal charter for the ingredients in our products is extremely strict: we refuse to use any raw materials of animal origin (except honey and bee’s wax). For example, we refuse to use a pigment frequently found in eyeshadows called cochineal coming from an insect with the same name which produces carmine acid to protect it from its predators and is used as a scarlet dye.
–              We refuse to develop plant extracts for our products which require testing on animals to ensure their safety. For example, last year we abandoned the development of an exclusive active which had been the subject of many years of research in our laboratories but required testing on animals in order to further its development.  As a result Yves Rocher chose to forego years of research and remain faithful to its commitments. 
–              We refuse to acquire raw materials from suppliers who have tested them on animals exclusively for beauty care products.
Yves Rocher sells certain products in China and we can assure you that they have not been tested on animals and never will be.
However, the Chinese authorities can decide, on their own, to test beauty products themselves before allowing them to be sold in their country.
Yves Rocher is present in China. Rather than avoiding the problem, the Brand has chosen to use its presence locally, to maintain contact with the Chinese authorities concerned.  Its objective is to make them aware of the problem of animal suffering and convince them of the reliability of alternative methods available on the market.
The situation in China is complex and open discussion is necessary to bring about change. It is an ongoing combat which we regret might take time to resolve in this traditional country.
Yves Rocher, Creator of Botanical Beauty, has been committed to the protection of Nature and Sustainable Development for more than 50 years.
We hope that this information has answered all your questions and we are at your disposal if you have any more concerns.
Marie-Michèle Plourde
Customer Service

I am still yearning to have knowledge 
and also to let you know their values and their mission.
We all deserve to have an honest answer.
God bless.

Life Asks – Procter and Gamble TESTS?

Good afternoon, dearest.

I have sent a email directly to Procter and Gamble about if they test or not in Animals
I asked (and hoped) for a clear answer from them.
So here goes :

Dear consumer,

Thank you for your email concerning P&G and research involving animals.

P&G is committed to eliminate testing involving animals for consumer product safety. Research involving animals is a last resort and is only considered once every other reasonable option has been exhausted. The vast majority of our tests do not use animals. Whenever possible, we use computer models, synthetic materials, published scientific studies and what our consumers tell us about the products they use. We seek input from the world’s leading experts to continuously improve our approach, and have stopped working with researchers who do not meet our high

Our Company continues to foster independent review of our standards and inspection of our facilities by leaders in the field of animal care. We are a leader in alternatives to animal testing, investing more than $190 million and helping to develop more than 50 proven alternative methods. We collaborate with governments and academia to promote acceptance of alternatives. We actively share our discoveries so that others can benefit from our progress, and our work has appeared in more than 300 scientific publications. We approach our research with respect, openness and responsibility by using animals as a last resort, working with animal welfare organizations and ensuring high standards of care.

If you would like more information about this important issue, please visit us at

In exceptional circumstances, when there may be a shortage of raw materials, it is possible that, from time to time, we may have to resort to using ingredients derived from other sources.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Kind regards,

Serviço de Apoio ao Consumidor
P&G Portugal

Life Asks – Herbalife TESTS?

Hello everyone !

It was turn to ask to HERBALIFE how are their procedures…and if animals are involved in it.

Good afternoon.

I have some questions for HERBALIFE on which I would like to have an honest and clear answer upon. 

Does HERBALIFE conduct animal testing or not?
And do you sell products to China?


The message was submitted and I am currently waiting for their answer.
Despite of receiving an answer or not, I shall post how it all went in this post.
UPDATE : I received the answer today at the 19th of March.


Hello Life,
Thank you for contacting Herbalife. With respect to your inquiry:
Good afternoon. I have some questions for Herbalife on which I would like to have an honest and clear answer upon. Does Herbalife conduct animal testing or not? And do you sell products to China? Regards from a concerned consumer, Life.
Although animal testing is commonly used to test household preparations, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for human use, Herbalife’s policy is not to test any of its finished products, including food, cosmetics and dietary supplements on animals, except when there is a specific regulatory requirement. When animal testing is mandatory, any company selling similar products in the country would need to do identical testing. Herbalife does sell products in China and mandatory animal testing regulatory requirements do affect some products registered in China. We encourage you to contact our local Distributor Relations office for more personalized answers to your questions at:
Herbalife (China) Health Products Ltd.
4801-4805, Raffles City
No. 268 Xizang Road Central
P.O. Box 200001
Phone: 86-021-6103-3777
Fax: 86-021-6340-3152
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Thank you again for contacting us. Have a healthy day!
Best regards,
The Team at Herbalife International
MEDICAL DISCLAIMER – All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.  We cannot and do not give you medical advice.  This information is not intended to replace the advice of your personal medical professional.
Wishing you all a great week ***

Life Asks – AVON and Animal Testing


Good afternoon,
Since I have been getting more and more involved
On gathering information and knowledge about animal testing
About which companies TEST and DO NOT TEST, to be exact.

Clarity, honesty and actual facts is what we aim for. The TRUTH.
With everything thought through,

I have decided to open a new space for these type of topics called «Life Asks»
Hope you like it. And feel welcome to drop by and leave a comment!

~ Life


Original Message Follows: ————————

Good afternoon.

May I be known as Life.

I have some questions for AVON Company
On which I would like to have an honest and clear answer :

Does or Does not AVON conduct animal testing?

And does AVON sell its products to China?

I have my concerns about animals and their rights as a human being and as a consumer. And if it is true, I shall not buy AVON’s products any longer. Finally, I would like to ask you to think through about this (very important) matter.



I had an answer, afterwards (automatic reply, I suppose) by the company telling me :

We have received your message.  We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. 
[If it’s over the weekend, please be aware it could take up to 48 hours for us to respond.]

A few hours later, I received the actual reply :

Hello xxxxxx,

Thank you for your email sharing your concerns.  There is some misinformation circulating about our company?s commitment and actions regarding animal welfare, and we appreciate the opportunity to offer some clarity.

Avon does not conduct animal testing in order to ensure that any of its products are safe.  In fact, Avon was the first major cosmetics company to end animal testing on products more than 20 years ago.

Avon markets products and offers economic opportunity in over 100 countries.  As we have stated publicly for many years, including on our corporate website, some products may be required by law in a few countries to undergo additional testing for regulatory purposes at the direction of a government agency, and this may include animal testing.  In those circumstances when testing is required, Avon always attempts to persuade the requesting authority to accept non-animal test data. When those attempts are unsuccessful, we must comply with such local requirements.   This is an issue facing all global beauty companies — we are not alone in this dilemma and we continue to push for alternate measures.

Why don’t we stop selling our products there?

For more than 125 years Avon has served as an agent of positive change for women?s empowerment, animal welfare, human rights, environmental sustainability, diversity, and many other critical issues.  When faced with challenging situations around the world on any of these issues, our commitment is to remain in the countries affected and work to bring about change, such as the acceptance of non-animal testing methods in China.  Abandoning a market does not help bring about a solution.

Specific to animal welfare, Avon has worked to advance alternatives to animal testing for decades. Avon serves on the Scientific Advisory Panel of The Institute of the In Vitro Sciences, Inc. (IIVS), a non-profit research and testing organization dedicated to the advancement of in vitro (non-animal) methods worldwide.  We understand that PETA is also partnering with IIVS.  Additionally, Avon continues to support research into alternatives conducted by the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME) in the United Kingdom and the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing at Johns Hopkins University in the US.  Avon is a Founding Sponsor of the American Society for Cellular Computational Toxicology. In addition, Avon works closely on this issue with other companies in the Beauty industry through the US Personal Care Products Council and the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing.

You can be confident that Avon shares your commitment to animal welfare. Respect for animal welfare is a cornerstone of Avon?s product safety philosophy, and Avon continues to actively work to advance the use of alternatives to animal testing worldwide.

Tod Arbogast
Vice President, Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

NOTE : I have put here the content without alterations.
The xxxxxx is only a replacement for my real name ,
As the company decided to treat me for my real name instead of just Life.

Final note (posted on our Facebook page, too) : 

Note about Life Asks topics :

With this new approach on knowledge, activism and having clear answers
from firms that conduct animal testing.
My goal is to make people think/reflect about what fashion,
cosmetic and personal care firms are doing and conducting
Know what is behind scenes and know how they are acting, overall.

With this, I want you to know that the final decision of purchasing a product or not
is only yours and yours, alone.

Peace be with you,

~ Life