World – Universal Peace

Greetings, my readers and friends

A little different from usual, but for this day
I decided to shout out to causes, 
One in particular…

Universal Peace !

There is a movement called Universal Peace Flag.

and for communities, cities and countries to become aware
of what we have in common  :

The WISH to be whole

For LOVE, KINDNESS and HELP to be part


We can achieve great goals and aim for our dreams
We must keep in mind that we are part of something huge
And , more than anyone, we can make a diference.

We can stand for a cause and help.

We can volunteer, share, donate, anything to help out.

Will you make part?

I am currently representing my country 
As an Ambassador for Peace.
I am honored to make part of this movement and team!

Visit us at 

To learn and know more about this cause.

It is possible to contribute, shop or become an Ambassador for your Country.

You can also follow us on…

Blessings !


Life´s Advice – Uplifting Songs

Good afternoon, everyone!

Today’s post will be slightly diferent from usual…
I have saved a selection of songs and stuff that I personally find uplifting :
(Not in any particular order, links are in the numbers
I may have posted some in Life Blog’s Facebook page, as well)

Sleepsong by Secret Garden – 1#

You raise me up by Westlife – 2#

A Hundred Thousand Angels by Bliss – 3#

This Love by Bliss – 4#

Glass House by RED – 5#
Miracle by Blackmill – 6#

Spirit of Life by Blackmill – 7#
You got to go by Above and Beyond (Owsey Remix)- 8#

Other interesting content…

They bring Peace, Harmony and Strength to me.
I hope you like them and that those help you
As much as they have helped me!
Many, many blessings…!

Life´s Advice – Gratitude

A blessed weekend to everyone out there!
Being Grateful.
I chose this topic
As it is a subject very related to me

And , personally,
I believe we may go through this
At a certain in our lives,

We either learn or not to be grateful 
We either choose or not to practice 
Gratitude In OUR lives. 

Practicing gratitude in… 
Each and everytime you breathe a gasp of air… 

Each time you wake up in the morning, 

Each time you are alive, 

Each time you have health (even if it is a little bit) 

To carry through the day, 

Each time you have food on the table, 

Each time you have a place to sleep, 

Each time you have someone to love, 

(Whether is a family member, your better half or good friends) 

So… Practice Gratitude, as many times as you can,
Every day and even when you feel upset or sad.
It is not about what you wish to have or about what you want to have and don’t have

It is about what you already have 
Even the slightest, most simple things 
Blessed be*

Life´s Advice – Find Strength

Good evening, fellow readers
I want to leave to you these empowering and inspiring songs
I really loved them!
And I think they are really touching :

Your pain will not last forever.
After the darkest times and even after the coldest and rough nights
There will be better mornings!
Just keep faith of greater times in the future
Because you have it ALL to suceed.
God bless you all!

Prayer : When…

I have seen a beautiful Prayer so I decided to share with you :
(Translating made by me from PT to English)

When dreams falls appart…
GOD rebuilds! ♥
When strength ends…
GOD renews! ♥

When is inevitable to held back tears…
GOD gives joy! ♥
When there is no more love…
GOD makes it come to life! ♥

When a curse is certain…
GOD turns it into a blessing! ♥
When it seems to be the End…
GOD gives a new start! ♥

When affliction persists…
GOD surrounds us with peace! ♥
When disease rages…
GOD is the one who heals ♥

When impossible stands…
GOD makes things possible! ♥
When words are missing…
GOD knows what we want to say! ♥

When everything seems to be closing in…
GOD opens a new door! ♥
When you say: “I am not going to make it”
GOD says: “Do not fear, for I am with you!” ♥

When the heart is injured/hurt by someone…
GOD is the one who spills the healing balsam! ♥
When there are no possibilities…
GOD makes the miracle come to life. ♥

Because He loves you!!

Religion – God’s Message I

Let Him speak to you

Listen everyone…

He says :

Do not hold onto anything that insults him
And do not deny Our Lord, Our Father
As one who denies Him here on Earth
Will be denied by Him in the Heavens.

I do not listen to any song that insults or puts Him to shame
Personally I follow no fashions nor trends
Look on what they do to each one of you!

Be yourself, your true SELF
Let no fame nor influence bind you,
let no one to control your Will nor poison you.

” Unbreakable Will
Unshakable Faith
Unconditional Love
This is what you need “.

— Life.

“Then you will know the truth,
and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32

That Knowledge, that Truth will cleanse your eyes.
This is what you need to know

Allow yourself to be close to God
(For such, no Church in this Earth is needed)

Because if you are close to Him
You shall be free from any chain
And He will be there!

I am sure. And I believe.
Also, talk to Him from inside your heart
An open heart. About your sins and mistakes
You will be understood and guarded from harm.

I shall leave here one worship song :
DMX – Lord give me a sign

The Lord will not fail.
Blessed be!

Worship Songs

When you pray, you are close to God.
Quando rezas, estás perto de Deus.

When you suffer, God is near you.
Quando sofres, Deus está perto de ti.

And you shall know the Truth
And Truth will set us free — John 8:32
E conhecereis a verdade,
E a verdade vos libertará — Jonh 8:32