Life´s Advice – Psychotherapy and Tools

Good evening, everyone !

I have been asked, even more than just once if I have knowledge
And/or if I am connected to Psychology.
I shall leave that for other people to evaluate.

But then, when time passes
The answer will be left at open.

I have learnt much while studying during my course
And mostly, thanks to life itself.
It can bring many,many lessons along,
IF we are willing to learn.

It is a long process
And I am going to be completly honest :
There will be times of joy, there will be sadness and frustration.
There will be tears, there will be times of exhaustion
And when you stop and look behind, you will realize
” I have achieved so much, I have changed ! “

It will be worth it and it is.
Psycotherapy was a really valuable tool and taught me many things
And still does. It is helpful because:

A) It boosts your self confidence.

B) Helps you with expressing your feelings towards someone else.
Note : Again, it will take take time .
Maybe you will feel and create empathy towards your psychologist at the first time,
Or later or even with someone else, later on.

C) Psychotherapy is where you can talk about what is troubling you
There, you can about just nothing, anything, everything.
However, if you feel like holding back, maybe you haven’t created that bond
That empathy with the professional yet. It will require time, trust me.
Amongst four professionals I created a strong therapeutical bond with the first and last one.
When that happens you will feel like nothing is too difficult to tell.

It might be difficult to start if you think that that person is a stranger.
Think of it like this ” I AM HERE ONLY TO GET BETTER “
And this one person IS going to HELP 
A special and unique human being : ME (YOU) “

D) Helps your thoughts…
Often, whilst a person is depressed or stressed
He or she may have difficulty in organizing his/her thoughts
And its organization.

Therapy CAN and will help you stablish goals
Then priorities, then time to do so.
As in a “TO DO LIST”

What do I / Aim for and wish ? 
When can I do ? When will it be?

Note : 
What – Objectives.
When – Stablishes time to accomplish and/or complete those tasks.
(When…) Will it be? – an expression which is clearly set for the future.

Another step :
First we can start off by writing down our personal goals
The ones that come to head and mind at the very start
Then others, and so on…
Afterwards you shall divide everything in two lists

Personal Goals and Professional Goals
And, yet opcional, you can also create another blank paper sheet
By the name of Dreams and Aspirations.
We all deserve so and should dream.
May those be a flame and a MOTIVATION
for you to always, always keep you head high
and have a constant motivation.

My motivation is connected to what I have achieved
Along with waking up alive every morning
Having health and keeping in mind that my work
And/or course will take me somewhere, will be useful
Or even, that I shall gain anything with them.

So, after reading this , what is your motivation?

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God bless*


Social – Eating Disorders : Music

I was searching for songs
about this subject that personally
has been in my head for quite some days
and on which I wrote about.

I found some songs on which
I believe they have a strong message
And on which I hope they aren’t triggering.

I leave to you, also, a very touching video from a 4 year old.
Yes, a four year old!
Listen carefully.




And my words to add :


No matter how much you weight!


I am here if you ever, ever,
EVER need someone to talk with.
To reach me you can search

For me on my youtube page… Sy0592
Or contact me here on the tab “Contact us!”
❤ We have our facebook page also.
We are here for YOU.

Please take care
And stay strong xx

Suicide – Closer look at…

Good morning dear reader.
After some time I decided to finally pick up
And write this post out…
As someone who did in the most desperate times of her life
To end her life, I shall talk about this…

It has nothing of glamorous.
It is a secret thought, a obcession, even.
I saw myself falling apart.
I studied a lot eventually, on the good and bad
I checked multiple books and so…
The afterwards, the reactions,
The possibility of either death/recovery/side effects ect.

They are ALL horrible, bloody, gory…
As you may want to call it…
It can all go terribly wrong and you know it.
Whether is as attempting OR as being unexpectfully rescued
OR found! The shock, the trauma that can happen most likely
To the loved ones…the condition you could be find in…
It CAN be worse than what you think or CAN EVER EXPECT.

Some say it’s selfish…others as a “BAD way out”.
And don’t think you aren’t loved.

And once you are dead, that’s it……
– What about God? You’re His child.
– What about your family?
– What about your friends?
– What about your pet[s]?
– What about the things you enjoyed…?

Think carefully and don’t go.
Don’t go for that choice.
Don’t go for those destructive thoughts.

Love. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Write. Draw. LIVE.
Much light and prayers ,

A Closer look at ED’s – ANA and MIA

I reflected a bit about this subject
And I thought carefully before posting anything
Again, all the content belongs to their rightful owners

Videos :

*Trigger warning*
Due to the images you are likely about to see.
Why did I posted here?
As I stated above and much across the blog
Awareness purposes ONLY.


(One of the hardest clips I saw)

(PART 1)

(PART 2)


(A Channel which purpose is RECOVERY)

(I saw this video today…has some lessons in it)

(I checked out this blog a bit
and I found it interesting)

NOTE! : There is nothing beautiful nor glamorous in this
It can all start with a diet or with some pills
And it can all slip away and get out of hand.
I am sure that many girls are struggling with this
Others are recovering.

OR even considering.
That is why the sharing on the videos too…
I shall write more about this, certainly.

Social – My views on ANA and OTHERS

I’m going to be straight honest
There is a lot of pressure from media
For a supposed perfection.
Many girls and maybe boys aim for the “perfect bodies”
Does such exist?

In what people call media, skinny is called beautiful
And rarely you see people with those extra pounds
Now (and fortunately!) there are plus size models too
And let me tell you :
They are drop dead gorgeous as well!

I am aware that some of the “perfection”
Is modified digitally
And so the illusion gets fed
And the wrong message goes across.
So, allow me to tell you that NO ONE is perfect.
People tend to see or point out flaws.

Does it make you feel diferent?
Let it NOT affect you.
Let it NOT disturb your peace of mind.
Let it NOT bring you down or shake your strength!
You are worth a lot! AND if someone tells you you’re not,

You are worth a lot and so much more! (L)

…AND Those models?
Maybe they are insecure about something too
Who knows?

Think (and please) do not hate your bodies.
See and treat it as your temple.
It is your own and in this life, the one you walk with
The outer shell you show to the world.
Given since birth and by some believers, created by God
It deserves to be cherished.
It deserves self respect and dignity.
It is yours to keep and yours to take care of. (L)

NOTE : I will open another secction on the Music page.
It is where the messages get across…

From someone who is trying to find her path,

Social – Near ANA.

After some time of reflection.
I decided to post this…
I never was too self concious on my weight
Maybe when I was around 14 and under, I was 67kgs
Which was a bit more and above than my healthy weight

Some people would laugh and joke about it
Those which I will not refer.
Not that I have or gained any respect for them
But it just isn’t that relevant.

The messages I want to get across today are two, maybe even three.
So here goes…that just pushed me over the edge.
The taunting, the aparently “inocent” name calling
Regarding my body or certain aspects
In my physical were made fun of.
I’ll name one which is probably some girl’s and boy’s problems…
In the gain and loss of weight,
I started to have stretch marks…until this very day.

BUT I know it is treatable,
And absolutely no one has the right
To throw sticks and stones

Just because of that
or just because someone has a bit more weight

*So open your eyes, whoever is reading*
Having a bit more weight doesn’t make you that much diferent
We all think, we FEEL, we make options, have opinions
Doesn’t matter if you’re thin, chubby
If your skin colour is diferent or anything else.
We’re all equal. (L)

So please think twice before throwing the sticks and stones.
Put yourselves in their shoes.
It can hurt… maybe more than you think.
And it has sometimes, SERIOUS consequences.

As for me and what happened
I became sick so I lost several weight until around 51kgs.
Note : Sickness can have much of a effect on weight.
And currently I weight 44kgs. That’s where the near ANA goes.
Because according to my height
41kgs IS considered SKINNY…
I’m a bit below my healthy weight now…
I started feeling cold, a bit weaker than usual
Besides the fact that my clothes became baggy now…

I sincerely don’t like it…
And I’ll tell you why…
Because it really can get out of hand
Sometimes, it really does…

So, dear reader or if you are reading me
Do PLEASE get your weight checked by a professional

— If it is stable, it is time for changing and embracing yourself
It starts in the mirror.
It starts in the INNER YOU. (L)
You don’t need to lose weight
If the pointer or exams say otherwise.

— If it is below, same steps above
Except you need to gain a bit of weight
I know it’s tricky, maybe even painful
If it became an obcession
But that’s when the family and friends come up
OR even professionals if needed.

Reminder : You’re beautiful and you can do it (L)
Nevermind what others tell of if it’s bad
There is nothing wrong and
You WILL recover your balance soon (L)

— If it is above…
If you need to be treated or have a diet
You don’t have to feel ashamed or bad
People will be there for you and supporting you
I will! Even if you can’t see. (L)
Even if you don’t know me.
I am here . God bless!