Self Injury – Being Clean

Good afternoon.
How are you??
I have been clean for quite some time.
Months, I have been cut free.
With success, I am free

Over 8 months, maybe, just to have a glimpse of time.
I hope you are okay and that if it is your case,
That you find your pathway to recovery.

I shall be here and help you if you need so , too.

My testimony is out there… 
Read it if it can be of help.
Self Injury can be a result of Depression condition,
Or even,
A condition itself which camuflages other problems happening
with the person who is suffering :

For example,

As a result of family issues, bullying, relationship problems, eating disorders.
It can be linked or hand to hand to any of those,
As a way of copying or even, punishing oneself.
It is estimated that many have hurt themselves

Thousands, maybe millions of people, in certain points
Of their lifes.

Where to find help? 
Info and Support 
Sugestions are welcome,

You can contact us anytime as well at Contact us. 

What is SI / SH ? Self Injury and Self Harm
The document on awareness : SI Awareness

Advice : Butterfly Project , SI 
Let that butterfly live 🙂

Self Injury -The Butterfly Project

Good afternoon everyone!
How are you doing?

I am going well, in case some readers might be wondering
I have two jobs and I have been quite busy
But I will keep updating the blog as much as I can
And also, share with you any experience
that I might endure recently.

Today I was checking a social network website
And I found this great cause
It is called The Butterfly Project

The Rules of the Project are
1) When you feel like you want to cut, binge or injure
take a marker, pen or sharpies and draw a butterfly on your arm or hand
(Adding…or place where you inflict pain/self injure)

2) Name the butterfly after a loved one or someone who really
Wants you to get better

3) You must let the butterfly fade naturally.
NO scrubbing it off

4) If you cut before the butterfly is gone, you have killed it
If you don’t cut, it lives.

5) If you have more than one butterfly
Cutting (and hurting yourself in any way) kills ALL of them.

6) Another person may draw them on you
These butterflies are extra special.
Take good care of them.

7) Even if you don’t cut, feel free to draw a butterfly
to show your support. If you do this,
name it after someone who you know that cuts
Or is suffering right now, and tell them.
It could help.

Note : I am not the rightful owner or responsible for the project
I am just a blogger and someone who seeks recovery
to other and/or anyone who struggles with self injury, disorders
Such as me, who experienced such, previously and recovered.

I will leave below, the link for information and awareness :

Source :
RYL – Butterfly Project


And I leave this image of a butterfly…

(I do not own the image either)

As a sign of my unconditional support

For this cause and for whoever is struggling.

Blessed be!

Suicide – A Letter for the Speechless and Hopeless

Dear _________ ,

You certainly have and will have a lot to live for.
Do not back down nor give up in dificulties that appear
They are mere temporary things.
Never ever give up fighting in this life.
We all are warriors one way or another
We all struggle to survive and aim for something
If you do not know, YOU WILL.

Everything has its proper time to happen.
Here and between worlds.

A Verdade comanda a Vida (Truth commands Life)
The Truth is that you will make it through and you will live to tell
Even your worst moments and dificulties and how that made you
A stronger and wiser, developted person.

You will be rewarded – you see
Better than knowing others, know yourself
To afterwards meet other people.
Open your arms to your life.

Do not ever see loneliness as an end or obstacle
But as a chance to grow and developt your inner self
A start for something new, a chance for a change
A chance to find someone who can treat you better
Or treats you right as you deserve.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,
Deserve your love and affection.

— Inspiring Lotus

Who may/must like and love you?
Ones who do like you and love you
By seeing you in your own and true colours

Ones who trully do, will put aside your flaws.
Believe in yourself. I know you can do it, I know you can do this!
Never kiss your life goodbye
And leave behind any idea for giving up in any way.

Self Injury – Tanning

Hello everyone!

Life is starting to get what most people call a tan
It is great, specially if you have some marks
Like stretch marks or scars caused by self injury or any accident
Nature CAN help you cover some of your scars
Any others, check the post Self Injury – Cover scars?.

Anyways and as a sidenote I do not intend in any ways
For these post to be a help or an incitation on self injuring
I never do that and that is never the point of this Blog.
BUT as a way for recovered cutters to know how to conceil their marks
For important events or when they want to get a job…
…Such as myself.

More… as I said, Sun and even the water can help you.
Water cleasens and cleans you. Take it as refresh,
As a time to reconsider about your life and balance.

Imagine your burdens to go along with the tides and waves.

And by Tanning I mean no artificial tanning
Such as when your skin gets a brown to dark brown or orangy tone.

Search for creams that gradually bronze your skin
I have one (and I do not mean to advertise now!)
Called NUTRIBRONZE by L´ORÉAL which can be an example
Plus, that one exists for both face and body.

Note : While using creams always distribute around your skin
And never in only one spot because what can happen
Is that one spot gets darker than the rest.

Final advice : Walk with confidence
Forget your issues or self injury in the past
Everyday is a brand new day
For a brand new start.

Great vacations to you !

Self Injury – Embracing your body

As I mentioned previously, people found out.
I was the “not shy but quiet type of girl”
They did not immediately realized the situation, the marks
And how serious it could BE or could HAVE BEEN back then.

I would spend most of the schoolbreaks in top of the staircase
Writing. Just writing my heart and soul out
About anything and everything.

Before, I used to bother covering up the cuts or covering up the scars
Because I would feel ashamed OR it would bother myself
By thinking of how the others would think when they see the marks.

If anyone asks I most definately tell the truth.
I have nothing to hide anymore!

I am going to leave you this quote…

If fear is cultivated it will become stronger,
If faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery.

— John Paul Jones

Why this quote?
Shall we put it this way :

+ If you cultivate Faith in the thought that you WILL no longer self harm
You will achieve it from time to time,
As Faith hands to hands with Will
It eventually will set you free from Self Injury.
You are Master of your Destiny
And not otherwise. If you do not believe it,
Try it and tell me how it went.

– Yet, if you cultivate Fear in the thought and goal of stopping SH
It will become stronger and drain your will, corrupt your faith
And mostly interrupt your Recovery.

It is a matter of thinking and controlling your thoughts
To righteous directions.

Embracing the body :
After this, embracing your body will come along
In a graduate way.

Be aware that the marks you have some will fade with time
And deeper cuts will still be there
Think of them now like scars from a battle…
A battle against yourself and your thoughts.
Let me say : It is over now .

Show yourself to the world.
It is the hardest step to a self injurer
But utter sign of recovery.
I done it and no longer have shame of wearing
Tank tops or t-shirts.

From now on your mission would
And will be showing to other former self harmers
What you found and what you overcame.

Peace be with you.

Suicide – Closer look at…

Good morning dear reader.
After some time I decided to finally pick up
And write this post out…
As someone who did in the most desperate times of her life
To end her life, I shall talk about this…

It has nothing of glamorous.
It is a secret thought, a obcession, even.
I saw myself falling apart.
I studied a lot eventually, on the good and bad
I checked multiple books and so…
The afterwards, the reactions,
The possibility of either death/recovery/side effects ect.

They are ALL horrible, bloody, gory…
As you may want to call it…
It can all go terribly wrong and you know it.
Whether is as attempting OR as being unexpectfully rescued
OR found! The shock, the trauma that can happen most likely
To the loved ones…the condition you could be find in…
It CAN be worse than what you think or CAN EVER EXPECT.

Some say it’s selfish…others as a “BAD way out”.
And don’t think you aren’t loved.

And once you are dead, that’s it……
– What about God? You’re His child.
– What about your family?
– What about your friends?
– What about your pet[s]?
– What about the things you enjoyed…?

Think carefully and don’t go.
Don’t go for that choice.
Don’t go for those destructive thoughts.

Love. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Write. Draw. LIVE.
Much light and prayers ,